ABOUT VALYRIA Proudly located in Los Angeles, VALYRIA is an environmentally conscious jewelry and findings brand, distributing eco-friendly products all made of high quality stainless steel, and offering custom engraving service for handcrafted jewelry lovers and artists throughout the world. The stunning collection of VALYRIA represents the beauty, elegance, self-reliance, and independence of the modern spirit. Inspired by valyrian steel, a magic steel presented by George R.R. Martin in the novel A Song of Ice and Fire, VALYRIA jewelry pays homage to the magic steel with modern designs, which can be a valued heirloom that is passed down multiple generations.

MISSION of VALYRIA Led by a professional team with over nine years of experience in the jewelry industry, VALYRIA caters to the world wide stainless steel crafting market. But why choose jewelry crafts? Because VALYRIA believes that jewelry is not only a type of fashion and art, it is also memory, love and history. VALYRIA stands for jewelry makers who create with their hearts. VALYRIA supports anyone and any business that has ever picked up a piece of metal and created something imaginative. The work you do is important. Pieces from VALYRIA can be created by you to become heirlooms that transcend time. VALYRIA works behind the scenes to support you to give life to metals by spoiling you in every possible way so that you can keep working, innovating, creating, and building for yourself and for the ones you love and care. VALYRIA highly appreciates the opportunities you give to us as being a part of your jewelry-making experiences.

VALYRIA PEOPLE The quality of people is the cornerstone of our ability to serve clients. For this reason, VALYRIA invests tremendous resources in identifying exceptional people, and creating an environment that fosters their growth. Like VALYRIA, which is young, modern, energetic and considerate, VALYRIA people characterize the combination of a big heart, high taste of fashion and productive on novel technology. As the brand of jewelry crafts, VALYRIA values a collaborative working style that emphasizes on teamwork. VALYRIA people are down-to-earth, approachable and fun.

HISTORY of VALYRIA Inspired by valyrian steel, a magic steel presented by George R.R. Martin in the novel A Song of Ice and Fire, the VALYRIA brand was created in 2014 to represent the combination of beauty, elegance, self-reliance and independence of modern spirit, and the unique characteristics of the magic steel, heirlooms that transcend time. About to celebrate her first anniversary, VALYRIA is young; however, she has started to show her popularity. VALYRIA has been distributed in all 50 states of the US and worldwide. VALYRIA is growing fast, and all of you are welcome to leave a unique mark on her history.